A collection of things I’ve built for the Internet.

Git Reports

Git Reports is a free service that allows developers to set up a stable URL for anonymous users to report bugs which are then created as issues on a public or private GitHub repository. Open source. is a centralized repository for parliamentary, policy, and Lincoln-Douglas debate videos. Users may log in via Facebook, Twitter, or Google, submit videos from Vimeo or YouTube, and add appropriate metadata about the schools and arguments featured in the video. Open source.


Eqn is a Ruby gem to allow safe evaluation of mathematical equations, respecting order of operations and supporting limited functions. Written using the Treetop parser generator to ensure consistent adherence to the equation grammar. Open source.


calculated_attributes is a Ruby gem to allow for addition of custom attributes such as relation counts to ActiveRecord queries, which allows avoidance of n+1 queries and similar performance problems even on complex relations. Open source.


action-cable-react is a React mixin to bind to Rails 5 ActionCable channels and trigger component handlers in response to events. Open source.


react-coffee-and-friends is a highly opinionated starter kit for a standalone React frontend, featuring React, CoffeeScript, React Router, Alt.js, Bootstrap, and Webpack. Open source.


CapRails is a Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to execute Capistrano deployments and tasks using the command palette within Sublime Text. Open source.


RedditPoster is a bot written in Ruby using the RedditKit.rb API to automatically make Reddit posts on a schedule.

Website for the Computer Science Department at Cedarville University. Includes comprehensive backend course management features for CS professors to create class schedules, manage course files, etc. Completed for my senior design project in 2013-2014.

The Ventriloquist

Website for The Ventriloquist, an independent student-run newspaper at Cedarville University. Built using the Ghost publishing platform atop the Quarter theme.

Cedarville Out

Website for Cedarville Out, an organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered (GLBT) students and alumni of Cedarville University. Built on GitHub Pages atop the Drava theme.